22 Apr

World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Goes Up Against Tesla EV

World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Goes Up Against Tesla EV
In this series we’ll take a fresh look at resources and how they are used. We’ll go beyond natural resources like air and water to look at how efficiency in raw materials can boost the bottom line and help the environment. We’ll also examine the …
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Toyota Tests Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Semitruck Concept
It wasn’t that long ago that Toyota became the first manufacturer to sell a mass-produced fuel-cell car, the Mirai, and we were wondering how easy they were to refuel. But now, with Nikola and Tesla preparing to produce electric big-rig tractor trailers …
Pick Up Trucks

Electric Semis Won’t Just Be Cleaner, They’ll Be Quicker [Video]
When Tesla introduced its Ludicrous mode, that might have been the turning point for some to see electric cars in a new light. Soon, however, semi-trucks might become the greatest evangelists for the merits of electric powertrains, and for the same reason …

Elon Musk says Tesla semi truck to debut in September, kicking clean-truck race into high gear
Tesla Inc. plans to unveil an electric cargo truck in September, Chief Executive Elon Musk said Thursday, heating up the race to get a zero-emissions semi truck on the road. “Tesla Semi truck unveil set for September,” Musk said on Twitter. “Team has …
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