12 Feb

Winter residential electricity consumption expected to increase from last winter

Winter residential electricity consumption expected to increase from last winter
Note: Colder and warmer weather ranges represent forecast values when heating degree days are 10% higher or 10% lower than expected, respectively. EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) projects that the average residential customer will consume 4% more …

Static electricity’s tiny sparks
Static electricity can cause more than just a bad hair day. Credit: Ken Bosma, CC BY Static electricity is a ubiquitous part of everyday life. It’s all around us, sometimes funny and obvious, as when it makes your hair stand on end, sometimes hidden and …

Why is electricity consumption decreasing in Australia?
Until 2010, for well over a century, through two world wars and the Great Depression, the quantity of electricity used in Australia each year was greater than the year before. In the three years since 2010, the quantity used each year has been less than …
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Is Electricity A Clean Energy Source?
Our headline could be answered several ways, but with regard to cars, the answer is “yes,” electricity is environmentally cleaner when energizing electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids compared to gasoline or diesel choices. This however really says a …
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Grants Pass protesters will rally against high electricity bills
State Sen. Herman Baertschiger Jr. met with representatives of Pacific Power this week to discuss complaints over high electricity bills received by customers throughout the region, with the meeting occurring before a scheduled protest Saturday at a …
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