04 Feb

Where to donate your clothes, instead of sketchy donation bins

Where to donate your clothes, instead of sketchy donation bins
Everyone hates those sketchy garbage donation bins that have been popping up more and more on our otherwise clean streets, but just because that particular way of donating clothes is a sham, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t donate clothes at all.

Donate skates for use this winter at Martin Luther King Park
Organizers believe it’s unlikely the basin at Martin Luther King Jr. Park will be open for ice skating during the Winter Blast on Monday, but visitors still will be welcome to donate ice skates to bring smiles to kids on colder winter days. “We would …
Buffalo News

Can I donate blood if I have heart disease?
About a dozen years ago, there was a theory that giving blood could reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering iron levels in the blood and diminishing the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries. These days, most cardiologists reject that theory.

Charitable techies can now donate their skills to nonprofits in need
Technology is a mixed blessing for many of nonprofits. While apps such as SnapDonate and Charitweet make it easier than ever for people to make donations, tech development and upkeep can cost NGOs a lot of money which is desperately needed elsewhere.
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