12 Feb

Unitrends Recovery-943 Backup Appliance Review

Unitrends Recovery-943 Backup Appliance Review
The Unitrends Recovery-943 Backup Appliance has 97TB of raw capacity and robust connectivity options, and it incorporates standard features found on existing Unitrends Recovery appliances such as backup, archiving, instant recovery, and disaster recovery …
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Disaster Recovery And The Cloud
One of the least considered benefits of cloud computing in the average small or mid-sized business manager’s mind is the aspect of disaster recovery. Part of the reason for this is that so few small and mid-size businesses have ever contemplated the …

Using Azure Site Recovery for cloud DR, backup
Backup and redundancy continue to be two of the most common usage scenarios for public cloud — and the reason… is simple economics. Renting or building space in a secondary facility for backup is expensive, particularly when there’s a thriving …
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Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
While a lot of businesses are hesitant to jump into the cloud with their production workloads because of trust, security, performance, and availability concerns, there are some places where using the cloud can make a lot of sense. Two of them are in the …
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