21 Jul

Unbelievable Facts About Nikola Tesla

Unbelievable Facts About Nikola Tesla
Greatly overshadowed by his famous employer, Thomas Edison, Serbian-born inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla is known mostly as the mastermind behind the AC induction motor and the Tesla coil. While Tesla enjoyed a successful career as an inventor, he …

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in what is now Croatia to Serbian parents Milutin and Djuka Tesla. His father was a priest, an intellectual who prodded his son to develop unusual mental discipline. His mother was an inventor of many time-saving devices used …

The Genius And Scientific Discoveries Of Nikola Tesla
What is the Tesla factor? It might be deemed a mixture of chance and selflessness, that inventive genius which works towards broader, holistic goals; a genius with the selflessness of a shaman and the morality of an ascetic… Wherever one places Nikola …

10 Future Tesla Models to Expect in the Coming Years
For electric vehicles to have a real impact on air quality, they would need to succeed in multiple segments of the market. In other words, we’d have to see electric pickups as well as luxury SUVs and smaller sedans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged as …
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Has Musk Painted Tesla Into A Corner?
Electrification could well be the future of all vehicle power. The source(s) to generate the electricity to power these new motors is not quite so clear. By spending billions of dollars on his Nevada battery “Gigafactory” CEO Elon Musk has painted Tesla …
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