08 Feb

This is What a Conference Call in Real Life Would Be Like

This is What a Conference Call in Real Life Would Be Like
Watching this parody of a conference call in real life will probably be more productive than participating in an actual conference call. From personal experience, the only thing worse is trying to conduct a brainstorm session via conference call.

Conference Call Etiquette
Last week, I was on a conference call with 5 people. Not a large group, but enough to create a lively discussion about a project we were all working on. It seemed like a simple exercise. However, it felt as if this was the first time some of the callers …

How to Add & Merge Calls on the iPhone to Create a Conference Call
Ever need to talk on the phone to more than one party at a time, and all you have handy is your iPhone? Fear not, you can easily create a conference call with your iPhone, here’s how. It seems like it should be more difficult to do, doesn’t it?

Here’s the easiest way to set up a conference call — just remember this one email address
There’s a new way to set up conference calls that won’t drive you crazy or waste your time, and all it requires is for you to send an email. Thanks to a new free service from AnyMeeting, all you need to do is email who you want to be included on the …
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