11 Feb

The weather helper in preschool

The weather helper in preschool
Every morning after the children come to preschool, we settle into our morning group time and talk about the weather. It’s been interesting how much learning, growth, and development I have seen stem from this simple process of documenting and talking …

Where People Go To Check The Weather
Because I’m 24, I either don’t bother checking the weather or just use the default app on my phone. I assumed everyone else was like me in this regard. I was wrong. I couldn’t find data on this, so I asked SurveyMonkey Audience to run a simple survey.

AccuWeather Launches Its First National Weather Channel
It launches on Verizon FiOS only four days after the telecom dropped carriage of The Weather Channel. On Friday AccuWeather, which has been providing local TV and radio stations information on weather for almost 50 years, launched its first national 24/7 …
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Weather Graphing
Part of our morning ritual in kindergarten is to check the weather outside. Someone’s classroom job is to open the door and peek his or her head out as the class sings the weather watcher song that is to the tune of Frère Jacques (I did not create the …
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