09 Feb

The trouble with car title loans is NOT people losing their cars

The trouble with car title loans is NOT people losing their cars
The standard knock against car title loans is a toothless assertion that the transaction leads to people losing their cars and then their jobs because they have no transportation to get to work, say three researchers led by Vanderbilt’s Paige Marta Skiba.
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Why does student debt keep going up and up even as it’s harder and harder to find a good job with a college degree? And why does it seem that the more aid the government and colleges give, the less it helps? Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA …

Students suffocate under tens of thousands in loans
Tom Dillon, 19, a pre-pharmacy major at the University of Connecticut, is carrying $ 52,000 in student loans. And he’s just getting started. When he gets his pharmacy doctorate in four years, he expects his debt to exceed $ 150,000. Dillon’s been drawn to …

What Amazon’s Move Into Student Loans Could Mean for Borrowers
Update: Amazon and Wells Fargo ended their student loan partnership on Aug. 31, about a month after the agreement was announced. Here are the details. The news that Amazon, in partnership with Wells Fargo, has begun offering private student loans is a …
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Lenders Exercise More Caution on Multifamily Construction Loans
Developers can still find financing to build new apartment properties, but lenders are becoming more cautious. “Banks are beginning to feel the squeeze,” says Robert Hodge, senior director with real estate services firm Marcus & Millichap Capital Corp …
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