05 Jun

The Secret of Nikola Tesla

The Secret of Nikola Tesla
The Secret of Nikola Tesla (Serbo-Croatian: Tajna Nikole Tesle), is a 1980 Yugoslav biographical film which details events in the life of the discoverer Nikola Tesla (portrayed by Serbian actor Petar Božović). Tesla was born to ethnic Serb parents in …

Nikola Tesla was Influenced by Swami Vivekananda
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was the genius who lit the world, whose discoveries in the field of alternating polyphase current electricity advanced the United States and the rest of the world into the modern industrial era. As early as 1891 Tesla described …

Nikola mulling per-mile pricing system for hydrogen-powered tractor, says testing to begin next fall
In a letter to reservation holders last month, Nikola Motor Company detailed the progress the company has made on its Nikola One tractor, including possible changes to the lease options and chassis design. The letter, which is signed by Nikola founder …

10 Future Tesla Models to Expect in the Coming Years
For electric vehicles to have a real impact on air quality, they would need to succeed in multiple segments of the market. In other words, we’d have to see electric pickups as well as luxury SUVs and smaller sedans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged as …
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CCJ Symposium panel addresses challenges, opportunities of autonomous trucking
Trucking technology may one day evolve to the point that the tractor can drive itself, but that is likely to come in small steps rather than giant leap. Moderating a panel discussion at CCJ‘s Symposium in Asheville, N.C., Tuesday afternoon, Bishop …
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