12 Feb

Swimming Technique Explores Science, Training, Recovery and More – Download Now!

Swimming Technique Explores Science, Training, Recovery and More – Download Now!
The following articles analyzes the effect a straight knee kick has on the production of lactate acid during elite-level backstroke competitions. Using results from Lactate Pro, we concluded that with proper technique, the straight-knee butterfly kick can …
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Slowest economic recovery in decades, according to several indicators
CLEVELAND, Ohio — This has been the slowest recovery in more than 50 years, according to a recent analysis based on several economic indicators. “This has been a poor recovery in every regard,” said Christian E. Weller, a senior fellow at the Center for …
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Recovery After Meniscal Tear Surgery
The recovery after meniscus surgery can vary significantly. Your recovery after knee surgery may be straightforward or it may be more complicated and lengthy depending on a number of issues. Recovery from meniscus surgery will vary because of the type …

Configuring Azure Site Recovery
Now that we’ve satisfied our prerequisites, set up our Azure storage account, and created a certificate, we can move on to creating and configuring our site recovery vault. Creating a site recovery vault in Azure for Site Recovery Manager The Azure Site …
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How to Create a Recovery Drive on a USB Memory Stick in Windows 8 & 8.1
Both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 offer a new tool for creating recovery drives on all kinds of devices, from USB flash drives, to external hard disks to partitions on your computer’s internal hard disk. This is a big step forward from the manual and error …
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