04 Feb

Student Loans Date Back to the Middle Ages

Student Loans Date Back to the Middle Ages
In 1473, Alexander Hardynge, who had finished his bachelor’s degree at Oxford nearly two years previous, borrowed money through an educational loan service. The loan came with a one year repayment deadline. With some of that money, he rented a room at …

Student loans: how to refinance or transfer Parent PLUS loans
It’s noble to help your kids pay for college, but it’s not always easy. Or affordable. That’s especially true if you borrowed direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, also known as PLUS loans, to cover part of your child’s college costs.
The Christian Science Monitor

Quicken Loans getting into personal loans
Detroit-based Quicken Loans has expanded into the business of personal loans with its first lending product that is not a home mortgage. Quicken this week launched RocketLoans, an online service offering cash loans of $ 2,000 to $ 35,000 to …
Detroit Free Press

Should You Pay Off Loans Early?
It’s natural to think that you should do everything in your power to pay off your loans early whenever possible, but not so fast! While high interest debts like credit cards should be paid off as soon as possible, there are other factors to think about …
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