03 Feb

Student Loans and U.S. Prosperity

Student Loans and U.S. Prosperity
In 2013, nearly forty million students—or their parents—owed more than $ 1 trillion in federal student loans. For most, the potential economic payoff of a postsecondary education outweighs the costs, but many graduates are concerned about encountering a …
Council on Foreign Relations

3 Best Lenders For Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans
Let’s get this straight right now, you can’t borrow your way out of debt. But unsecured debt consolidation loans can put you in financial position to make the most of the incoming money you have right now. To illustrate our point, imagine that you’re …

Easing the Pain of Student Loans
Nearly every student is taking out loans to go to college, and as prices soar, many are borrowing beyond their means. More than $ 1 trillion in student loans are outstanding.The average debt per borrower is $ 23,300. Meanwhile, many have no prospect of a …
New York Times

Payday loans, auto title loans face tough new crackdown
Payday loans will be severely restricted under new rules being proposed today by federal regulators. Primarily, the rules will require lenders to make sure consumers can afford to repay the loans and will require lenders to report loans to a credit-bureau …
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Paying Student Loans 101
You may have been told that student loans are an investment in your future, but that doesn’t mean you want to keep paying them forever! With nearly 70% of college grads paying off student loans, the need for understandable student loan information is …
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