12 Feb

Saving for college? Start early and tell Congress to support this bill.

Saving for college? Start early and tell Congress to support this bill.
The improvements in this bill will help put a college degree within reach of more children. By pairing the projected enhancements of H.R. 529 with parents’ early and consistent saving, 529 plans can continue to help students and families defray college …
The Hill

Study: College Degree Holds Its Value
A new study shows college graduates have fared much better in the economic recovery than those without a degree. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce reports that nearly all of the jobs recovered since the economic downturn have …
NPR News

Who Can Afford a College Degree Today?
Rising college costs have made higher education, once the most reliable ticket to the American Dream, out of reach for too many young people. In the spring of 8th grade, Joshua Sermon stopped going to school. He was living on the east side of Atlanta in a …
NEA Today

What Your College Degree Will Be Worth After 20 Years
Those who doubt the value of a college degree may want to think again. New research has found that individuals with a four-year degree make an average of $ 215,000 more than a high school graduate over the span of 20 years. Individuals with a graduate …

Long-Term Salary Data Shows How Much A College Degree Is Really Worth
Individuals without a degree move slowly towards their highest earning potential, with somewhat stagnant early years,” TheLadders Vice President of Data Science And Analytics Shankar Mishra writes. “Individuals with a college degree may start in the same …
The Business Insider

The Pros and Cons of a College Degree
The last few generations of Americans have been indoctrinated with the idea that a college degree is an absolute must-have in today’s economy. While this is largely true, the answer to “To have a college degree or not to have a college degree, that is …
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