11 Feb

Over 4,000 Idaho Power customers without electricity in Pocatello area

Over 4,000 Idaho Power customers without electricity in Pocatello area
The outages began to occur after a power pole caught fire on Poleline Road near Berryman Road on Pocatello’s north side around 6 p.m. Tuesday. But it’s unclear if that fire caused all of the outages. Idaho Power expects to have power restored to everyone …
Idaho State Journal

ScottishPower announces 7.8% hike in gas and electricity bills
ScottishPower has announced a 7.8% rise in standard gas and electricity bills in a move that will hit 1.1 million customers. The Big Six energy firm will ramp up the price of electricity by an average of 10.8% and gas by 4.7%, from March 31. It blamed …
The Evening Times

Sen. Jennings: “Tax on Sunshine” Increases Electricity Bills for All Marylanders
On Wednesday, Governor Hogan delivered his annual State of the State speech, and once again demonstrated that his administration is committed to enacting the best ideas for all Marylanders, no matter what side of the aisle they’re on. The Governor’s …
The Dagger

How do we use electricity?
We use electricity virtually every minute of every day, yet few of us know exactly how much or where it goes. By answering the simple question “how do we use electricity,” this post will help us understand. Electricity use by sector Before we dive in …
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Generate Electricity with a Lemon Battery
Can you imagine how your life would change if batteries did not exist? If it were not for this handy way to store electrical energy, we would not be able to have all of our portable electronic devices, such as phones, tablets and laptop computers.
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