03 Feb

Now, biomimetic tree that can generate electricity

Now, biomimetic tree that can generate electricity
Money does not grow on trees, but electricity might someday, as scientists have developed a new biomimetic tree which generates power when wind blows through its artificial leaves. The technology developed by researchers at Iowa State University in the US …

Electricity Company of Ghana considers mesh network
Ho, Feb. 02, GNA – The Volta Regional branch of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is gradually moving away from the use of radial network to mesh. This has become necessary to ensure flexibility in the network towards efficient and effective service …
Ghana News Agency

Nigeria to deploy drones to protect electricity transmission equipment
The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, says it will deploy drones to check vandalism of its transmission lines and equipment in the country. The TCN Managing Director, Atiku Abubakar, said this why fielding questions from the News Agency of Nigeria in …

Natural Gas and Coal Electricity: Weighing the Market Shares
The monthly electricity output data published by the EIA (US Energy Information Administration) is a key indicator for coal industry investors. The report for October 2016, published on January 27, specified that the electricity output in the United States …
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Even if Coal Generated 100 Percent of Electricity, That Wouldn’t Create Coal Jobs
Coal is a rotting corpse pretending to be a zombie, but the stench of decomposition won’t go away. Coal is dead. Dead, dead, dead. And the repugs who keep promising to restore coal jobs are not just lying, they are laughing at the desperate unemployed in …
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