17 Mar

Nikola Tesla’s Best Productivity Tricks

Nikola Tesla’s Best Productivity Tricks
Inventor Nikola Tesla has certainly become one of the internet’s darlings over the years. Part of the reason for that is because he managed to do a lot with his life. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what was behind the brain that helped make Tesla …

Buried Screwball Facts About Nikola Tesla
Travel anywhere outside the United States and the name of Nikola Tesla is known. Ask the average person on an American sidewalk? They’re apt to recall the 80’s rock band. Or they’ll nod and mumble about Elon Musk’s motor company. Will they know the …

Electricity sparks new exhibit at Smoky Hill Museum
This soon turned into a fierce competition between those favoring DC power, such as Edison, and those championing alternating current, which included inventor Nikola Tesla and entrepreneur George Westinghouse. Those promoting AC power pointed out that AC …
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Nikola Tesla
Nikola tesla was born into a serbian family in the village of smiljan. He was born on july 10th 1856. Tesla had 4 siblings Late Education In 1875 Nikola Tesla entered the school: Austrian Polytechnic. At the school he had the best behavior a student could …
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