29 Jan

Narbon shows he’s in a different class as Swords claim cup

Narbon shows he’s in a different class as Swords claim cup
It was a stellar performance from Jose Maria Gil Narbon that made the difference as Swords Thunder claimed their first ever Irish cup. Emmet Ryan explains how the Real Madrid academy product is the different piece that makes him stand out in the Irish …

Chili’s Donates 15 Percent of Every Sale to Planned Parenthood In Misleading Claim
Misleading reports claimed that the Chili’s restaurant chain was donating 15 percent of each sale to Planned Parenthood. However, only one Chili’s franchise partner was sponsoring a Planned Parenthood promotion, which has since been canceled.

Trump cites dubious claim on voter fraud
Man behind claim of millions of illegal votes says it will be months before he can provide full evidence https://t.co/puQ7tCOpf5 — New Day (@NewDay) January 27, 2017 President Trump on Friday renewed his focus on voter fraud, citing an outside group that …
The Hill

Protests break out at JFK after incoming refugees detained; Libs falsely claim ‘Muslim ban’
Strange, I never saw any protesters showing outrage after Americans were killed or injured by Islamic terrorists. The left cares more about the lives of non-Americans. They would rather be ‘politically correct’ than make the tough choices necessary to …
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