04 Feb

Most people claim Social Security too soon

Most people claim Social Security too soon
When should you claim Social Security? The advice is generally to delay as long as possible. But according to a report issued today by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), middle-income retirees are much less likely than wealthy ones to take that …
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Claim Construction: A Structured Framework*
Guest post by Professor Peter S. Menell (UC-Berkeley School of Law); Matthew D. Powers (Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP); and Steven C. Carlson (Fish & Richardson PC) Phillips shifted attention back toward the intrinsic record while recognizing that extrinsic …

When Not to File an Insurance Claim
One of the main reasons for having insurance is to offset risk, especially major risks and losses. We pay many insurance premiums throughout our lives to various carriers for a multitude of different risks. When a possible claim occurs, an initial thought …
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Dr. Luke Seeks Defamation Claim Against Kesha Over Text to Lady Gaga
Dr. Luke has restoked the fire of his legal war with Kesha after he claims she sent a text to Lady Gaga claiming that the producer raped someone else. TMZ reports that Luke has filed a request to add a defamation claim to his legal battle, arguing that the …
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