07 Feb

Liberia: On Its 60th Anniversary Afl Reminded That God Exists

Liberia: On Its 60th Anniversary Afl Reminded That God Exists
Bishop Benda told the congregation that the denial of God is the root of all kinds of evil and encouraged his listeners to follow the great examples of Jesus Christ. “Individuals who failed to recognize the existence of God made fools of themselves …

Ard Louis and Morgan Freeman Talk About Science and God on National Geographic
While Freeman isn’t endorsing faith in Jesus Christ here, it’s wonderful to see National Geographic air a positive message about the harmony between science and faith, and it’s equally wonderful to see a member of the BioLogos community involved in …

Life in the Promised Land: An IBEX Student’s Perspective (Vol. 1)
Furthermore, all permanent residents of the moshav must profess faith in Jesus Christ. Interestingly, Israel’s government allows for this type of religious discrimination. For example, just down the road from Yad Hashmona is a settlement of Orthodox Jews.

Jessie Jeanette Landis
Jessie joined the Cooks Congregational Church on March 30, 1947, where she publicly confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and was received by Pastor Serge F. Hummon. She held the longest membership in the church until her passing. She was very active …
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Look to Christ to overcome ‘tragic’ Reformation legacy, Pope says
“This year of commemoration offers us the opportunity to take a further step ahead, looking at the past without rancor, but in accordance with Christ and in communion with Him, to re-propose to the men and women of our time the radical newness of …
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