01 Feb

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How To Work “From Home” Without a Home Office
We’re not all #blessed enough to have a home office or a designated space that’s only for working, but if you have the kind of job that lets you work from your apartment, you still need some sort of workspace. Maybe you have a space you can easily …

How to Afford All Your 2017 Home Improvements
In fact, it may even feel like you’re basically saving up another down payment on your home to fix it up. There are some ways, however, to sock some dollars away and have your new sink and bathtub in the new year, too. Here’s how to work some much …

How to Work From Home
When you’ve forgone the traditional nine-to-five, how do you create a semblance of a workday? If I asked you if you work “mothers’ hours,” what would come to mind? It turns out “mothers’ hours” is a term of art used to refer to jobs that …
The Good Men Project

I tried to fly home to the U.S. on Friday. President Trump’s ban meant I couldn’t.
which meant I could visit home without bureaucracy getting in the way. In August, I graduated and found a job as a data scientist at a technology firm in Greenville, under a provision in the law that allows students to work on their student visas for a …
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