05 Feb

Latest Work From Home News

If You Work From Home (or Aspire to) You Must Read This
Let’s face it: long commutes, office politics, and the nine-to-five grind are quickly becoming obsolete. According to a recent report, fifty-three million Americans (34 percent of the U.S. workforce) work from home as freelancers and home-based business …

Why Employees Who Work From Home Are More Productive Than Others and Keep the Turnover Rate Low
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — After Lindsay Wilcox gave birth to twins … technology company saves $ 277 million per year just from allowing its employees to work from home remotely. The survey found that 60% of the time saved from telecommuting is used …
Main Street

Those Days You Work From Home May End Up Wrecking the Planet
Next time your boss tries to convince you of the benefits of working from home, spare a thought for how that could contribute to wrecking the planet. QuickTake Climate Change More businesses than ever are asking employees to work … it’s on the Bloomberg …

How to Survive Working from Home
Working from home offers a great sense of flexibility, allowing you to be your own boss and work around a schedule of your choosing. On top of this, you are fully accountable for your own successes (and failures), which is a liberating feeling for some.
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