27 Jul

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Was Nikola Tesla a ‘crackpot’ or a genius?
U. VIRGINIA (US) — A new biography tackles the complex legacy of enigmatic inventor Nikola Tesla. W. Bernard Carlson has just published Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age (Princeton University Press), which focuses on Tesla’s life from 1884 to 1905.

Nikola Tesla, An Alien Intelligence
The following first appeared as the introduction to the 2011 edition of Nikola Tesla’s My Inventions, from Penguin Classics. Nikola Tesla was born on the stroke of midnight, as July 9th became July 10th, to which we say, happy birthday. I may mention …

Ericsson Nikola Tesla d d : Annual General Meeting of Ericsson Nikola Tesla Joint-Stock Company held
(4-traders.com) The Annual General Meeting of Ericsson Nikola Tesla joint-stock company was held at the Company’s headquarters, Krapinska 45, Zagreb, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. The equity capital represented at the AGM was HRK 86,747,700, which corresponds …

Oil barons face a slow death by electrification
OPINION: Opec, Russia and Big Oil thought they had half a century to prepare for the end of the internal combustion engine. At best they have a decade before the threat turns deadly serious. The twin announcement by France and Britain – within two weeks of …
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Has Musk Painted Tesla Into A Corner?
Electrification could well be the future of all vehicle power. The source(s) to generate the electricity to power these new motors is not quite so clear. By spending billions of dollars on his Nevada battery “Gigafactory”, CEO Elon Musk has painted Tesla …
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