14 Feb

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Adirondack Theatre Festival unveils new season
And in the largest show in ATF’s history, “Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat,” Rabinovitz said Glens Falls audiences will get to see it first. “This is a major musical event. The writer just won the Jonathan Larson prize for ‘Tesla,’” he said …

Amanda’s View: Alone time
Isaac Newton never married, but he gave us calculus, among so many other momentous scientific advances. Same with Nikola Tesla. Ludwig van Beethoven composed music that overflows our hearts, and Glenn Gould played them with deeper feeling than anyone …
West Seatle Herald

South Florida-based RGF Environmental opens Electro Mechanical Museum, celebrating technology & innovation
This unique museum contains 642 pieces of rare antiquities by world-renowned inventors such as Thomas Kinraide, Sir William Crookes, George Westinghouse, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla. The vintage equipment represents precursors to RGF’s technology …
EIN Newsdesk

In 1898, Nikola Tesla Predicted Drone Warfare
Nikola Tesla was both of his time and ahead of it (he has a car company named after him, after all). Besides his contributions to altnerating current electrical systems, the inventor predicted smartphones, television, and apparently drones, which he …
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