08 Jun

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World Reacts To Trump’s Decision To Withdraw From Climate Agreement
President Trump’s announcement Thursday that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement drew both praise and criticism from U.S. and world leaders. While some Republicans commended the decision — House Speaker Paul Ryan said the agreement …
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Latest From Profile Hub: Hyundai Stands Up To Cancer, AI, VR and Kraft hot dog rebranding
The Drum loves great content and our Profile Hub platform offers companies the chance to upload their own content to share their news and knowledge with The Drum’s online audiences. In this week’s Profile Hub content round-up we look at How Hyundai is …
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10 Future Tesla Models to Expect in the Coming Years
For electric vehicles to have a real impact on air quality, they would need to succeed in multiple segments of the market. In other words, we’d have to see electric pickups as well as luxury SUVs and smaller sedans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledged as …

NASA Reveals the Details of Its Historic Mission To “Touch the Sun”
USA space agency officials announced on Wednesday, May 31, that NASA’s upcoming mission to send a probe to the sun has been renamed the Parker Solar Probe. So that’s why the July 2018 launch of the Parker Solar Probe – the first NASA spacecraft named after …
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UK’s May urged to take tougher line against Trump on climate
USA billionaire Michael Bloomberg has offered US$ 15 million (RM64.2 million) to UN efforts to tackle climate change after President Donald Trump announced he is pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord. Trump said in his announcement that …
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