25 Jan

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The man who transformed investing for Main Street sees a bleak future for Wall Street’s money managers
John C. Bogle, 87, is the father of index investing, which allows anyone to invest in the market at very low cost — at such a low cost that traditional money managers trying to actively beat the markets are getting squeezed out. Bogle founded Vanguard in …
The Business Insider

Investing Advice For 2017, Part 1
Avoid the conventional “herd mentality” mistakes. Don’t be afraid to take profits. Plan, evaluate and don’t overreact. 2017 still has investing opportunities despite record highs. Take advantage of them in an orderly fashion. “People learn to work for money..
Seeking Alpha

The state of investing in Russia
Moscow – Russia is the world’s eighth largest economy, and while it claims it is not isolated, and has made great inroads doing business with countries in Asia in the Middle East while the West has given it the cold shoulder, it is eager to engage with …
FOX News

Active vs. Passive ETF Investing
Traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are available in hundreds of varieties, tracking nearly every index you can imagine; they offer all of the benefits associated with index mutual funds, including low turnover, low cost and broad diversification …
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