12 Feb

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Climate Change Is Kicking the Insurance Industry’s Butt
In the months after Hurricane Sandy, insurance companies spooked by rising seas dropped coastal policies in droves. That could become an increasingly common story, according to the largest-ever survey of how insurance companies are dealing with climate …
Mother Jones

Landlord Insurance and Renters Insurance
New landlords are often surprised by the work their role requires. While most focus on fixing problems and collecting rent, there is another aspect of being a landlord that is often overlooked: insurance. To learn more about landlord insurance and renters …

Donating Life Insurance
It’s possible for philanthropic-minded clients to donate their life insurance to charity and get an attractive tax deduction. And not just for high-net-worth clients. Say your client paid in $ 50,000 in premiums for a $ 300,000 death benefit over the years.
Wealth Management

Tiny House Insurance
In the wake of the recent Kim’s Tiny House fire I found myself thinking about insurance options for Tiny Houses. Now I have heard many people speak about their efforts to get insured by traditional companies through various approaches. Many were not …
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Health Insurance
Chances are, you have health insurance—only about 11 percent of Americans are uninsured. But unless you’ve had experience using your health insurance plan for significant medical treatment, you might not have paid much attention to the details of your …
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