06 Feb

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Why Life Insurance is No Substitute for Disability Insurance
Life insurance and disability insurance are both important for working families. But when you don’t have much money to spare, paying for policies like these can seem like a luxury. According to LIMRA, a marketing research organization, 70% of consumers …
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We accept a wide range of insurance plans
If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a patient, we can begin the insurance verification process immediately. We’ll obtain your insurance policy information and contact your insurance provider on your behalf, in order to verify your benefits.

Colorado Senate Republicans move to repeal state health insurance exchange
The oath of office is administered during the Colorado Senate’s first regular session of the 68th Colorado General Assembly. Joe Amon, The Denver Post As demonstrators called for keeping the status quo, Colorado Senate Republicans on Tuesday argued the …
Colorado Springs Gazette

Insurance Facts for Uber, Lyft & Sidecar Drivers
Ride-hailing services like Uber have grown rapidly and signed up thousands of drivers. These new businesses make it possible for individuals to work flexible schedules and to enter the transportation business without a big initial investment. If you’re one …
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How to uncouple insurance policies in divorce
While most divorcing couples focus on the delicate and often difficult issues of child custody and dividing assets, breaking up can be hard to do in terms of your insurance policies, too. Whether the policies are in place for protection or as an investment …
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