29 Jan

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A U.S. Army Formula Shows What Sarin Gas Would Do to Your Neighborhood
Syria’s brutal civil war has put the horrors of chemical weapons back on many people’s minds. But it’s still difficult to imagine the actual effects and scale of attacks with these terrible weapons. Just how much of sarin — a deadly nerve agent …
The National Interest

Toyota Prius Prime: Detailed Range/Efficiency Ratings – 27 Miles City, 54 MPG In Gas
Via the EPA’s internal database, we now have our first detailed look at the various “fuel economy” ratings for the Toyota Prius Prime. First up is the city, highway, combined MPG figures for the Prius Prime. As you’ll notice in the image below, the …
Inside EVs

F.T. Valley Gas and Grocery (re)opens to much fanfare
John James: the name conjures up images of Jesse James, and one would not be too far off the mark as the man is larger than life. A big tall Texan, he is southern as a bowl of grits, embraces with perfect Virginia cadence the term y’all, and fell in …
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