12 Feb

Latest Electricity News

Winter residential electricity consumption expected to increase from last winter
Note: Colder and warmer weather ranges represent forecast values when heating degree days are 10% higher or 10% lower than expected, respectively. EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) projects that the average residential customer will consume 4% more …

There’s a revolution happening in electricity. Utilities need to keep up.
Electric utilities increasingly find themselves at war with their own customers. Homeowners and commercial building owners have all sorts of new choices for how to generate, store, and manage their own electricity — solar panels, home batteries, electric …

Scottish Power to push up gas and electricity costs by 7.8% – adding £86 a year to bills
SCOTTISH Power has today announced that it will be pushing up gas and electricity costs by 7.8 per cent from March 31st, adding an extra £86 a year to bills. Around 1.1 million customers will be affected by the price hike. Dual fuel prices will increase …
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Live Line Demo gives shocking reminder of the power of electricity
A Live Line Demonstration at the Utilities District of Western Indiana REMC on Thursday evening presented first responders and linemen with an in-depth visual representation of work-related dangers, and how to properly handle them. “We do this not only …
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