11 Feb

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Four New Rules for Conference-Call Etiquette
Conference calls suck. You know it and I know it, but apparently the rest of the world doesn’t — because they’re the ones making the calls so sucky. See, schools don’t teach conference-call etiquette, so most people have no clue how to behave. And it is …
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How to Get a Conference Call Number
Obtaining a conference call number is an easy process. Conference call numbers provide seamless services when you have a telephone meeting of more than three people but may accommodate hundreds of callers. Companies typically have a bank of numbers …

Conference Call Etiquette in the Workplace
Undoubtedly, the age of technology has made our lives and jobs easier, and it’s made meetings much more convenient. However, it’s also easier to let your guard down during virtual conversations and assume that because the other parties aren’t in the …

Speek easy: This startup wants to disrupt the conference call market with simplicity and WebRTC
There were somewhere in the region of 45 billion minutes of audio-only conference calls in North America in 2012, a stat that bodes well for the future of Speek. Work started on the Web app back in March 2012, and after a while in beta which has seen a …
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