01 Feb

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How to Steer a Conference Call Like a Champ
Leading a conference call is just like leading any other meeting, only you’re not able to see if people are engaged. You’re not able to tell if you’re leading it effectively. You can’t depend on body language to communicate your engagement level …

Did Paul Ryan Just Call This Press Conference a ‘Waste of My Fucking Time’?
At a press conference on Tuesday, Speaker Paul Ryan defended Trump’s Muslim ban, adding that “I think it’s regrettable that there was some confusion on the rollout of this.” After essentially admitting that he didn’t know about the executive …

UberConference: Best conference-call manager yet?
Lately it seems like software developers are falling all over themselves to take the hassles out of conference calls. Now comes UberConference, a seriously impressive service that lets you set up and host conference calls right from your smartphone.
PC World

A Conference Call IRL Is the Only Thing Worse Than a Conference Call
Conference calls are just always awkward. There’s no way around it. Now imagine how much more awkward they would be if everyone could also see each other while on the call. Now THAT would be awkward. Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have imagined just that …
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