30 Jan

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A Conference Call IRL Is the Only Thing Worse Than a Conference Call
Conference calls are just always awkward. There’s no way around it. Now imagine how much more awkward they would be if everyone could also see each other while on the call. Now THAT would be awkward. Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have imagined just that …

Call Me Crazy
I hereby uninvent the conference call. That’s right, there is now no means by which six or twenty or—God forbid—a hundred people can all meet and discuss a topic over the phone. Personally, I feel like that brief sentence alone should be enough for …
The New Yorker

Managing by telephone? 10 ideas for a better conference call
How can I manage people I cannot see? That’s a question I get from a good number of managers who work with remote staff and freelancers and communicate with them via Skype, Google Hangouts, email, online chats and, yes, the telephone. It’s clear from …

The Sad Truth About Conference Call Behavior (and How to Fix it)
Here’s what actually happens during conference calls, when your line is muted and no one can see you: 82% of participants are working on something unrelated to the call. 65% are doing other work at their job. 55% eat or make food. 47% go to the restroom.
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8 awesome (and sometimes free) conference call services
Conference calls are a big part of work life today — sometimes too big. Because we spend so much time in meetings, we want conference-calling systems that that launch quickly and work flawlessly so we can get the information we need and move on to other …
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