14 Feb

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Want a National Title? Sign Top Ten Classes
Since 1996 every team that has won a national title except for Oklahoma in 2000 has had at least two top ten national signing classes in the four years before a title. So while signing a top ten recruiting class doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to win a …

There Are Two Classes of People in the World; Those Who Divide People into Two Classes and Those Who Do Not
Neil deGrasse Tyson? Robert Benchley? Kenneth Boulding? Ross F. Papprill? Groucho Marx? Jeremy Bentham? Anonymous? Dear Quote Investigator: I enjoy humor based on clever self-referential statements, and a great example is the following: There are two kinds …

College football: Ohio State Michigan sign top classes in Big Ten
No surprise, Ohio State and Michigan signed the top two recruiting classes in the Big Ten on Wednesday. Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer put together a 21-man class that includes five players who received five-star ratings from recruiting analysts and 14 who are …
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Pilates Classes – Ramsey
Pilates for Beginners or for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the Foundation techniques. New class starting Wednesday 1 February at 6pm. Please contact Wendy Amaral to reserve your place.
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