08 Feb

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San Diego Cooking Classes
Can anyone recommend a place in San Diego (preferably close to La Jolla/UTC) that offers good cooking classes? I’m mostly looking for ethnic cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc. I’m not looking for a professional culinary school, I just want to …

Covenant Plainview offering free birth classes
Expecting your first child can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Between preparing for the newest and biggest chapter of your life, to crash coursing on everything baby for the next nine months, the task of becoming a new parent can seem slightly daunting.
My Plainview

Classes promote better nutrition, health
Virginia Cooperative Extension and Pulaski YMCA are joining forces to offer a free four-week class aimed at improving nutrition and health in 2017. Step Out for Better Nutrition and Health classes teach lifestyle habits that promote health and allow …
The Southwest Times

Scrap your type classes
Edit: My opinion on type classes has mellowed since I wrote this post, but I still keep it around as a critique against the excesses of type classes. What I’m about to propose is that all Haskell type class programming can (and should) be implemented …
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