09 Feb

Introduction to Forex Trading

Introduction to Forex Trading
If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you’ve touched on the world of forex trading, though you may not know it: When you stepped off the airplane, one of your first stops probably was to exchange your money for the local currency. Forex trading …
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Trading Psychology – The Human Side of Trading
I was recently asked on one of our monthly webinars how I handled trading around periods of draw-downs. In particular, the member asking the question said they were in a nasty drawdown that lasted a few months, but that there was a glimmer of light at …

Currency trading in your 50s: can you tap into the .3trn forex market and cash in?
Household names like Citi, Saxo Bank and Hargreaves Lansdown offer Forex trading services. Popular specialists include IG Group, CMC Markets and FX Pro. Spread betting is about making money from the difference – or the ‘spread’ – between a …

A Fresh Start to Trading in 2017
First of all, I’d like to wish you a progressive 2017. May it be one of new adventures, growth and happiness. The underlying philosophy to trading is: Keep it simple Let price dictate Apply patience Trade the trend Ignore the news. All too often, trading …
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