07 Feb

How To Speak Privately In An iPhone Conference Call [iOS Tips]

How To Speak Privately In An iPhone Conference Call [iOS Tips]
Cult of Mac reader Rob J asks, Having an issue with the conference call feature on iOS 7 and thought you might be able to help. Getting everyone on the call is no problem but I can’t seem to figure out how to have a private conversation with one person …

What are some ways to present yourself well during conference calls?
The art of conference calling… Wait. You didn’t know it was an art? It’s definitely a skill worth building if you’re running a modern business, and as much an art as any other form of presenting. Whether you want to blame it on technology and the …

What Really Happens During Conference Calls
Your suspicions have been confirmed: no one really pays attention on conference calls. More than a quarter of respondents in a new survey admitted to falling asleep during a virtual meeting. Other respondents admitted to making other phone calls, snacking …
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This is What a Conference Call in Real Life Would Be Like
Watching this parody of a conference call in real life will probably be more productive than participating in an actual conference call. From personal experience, the only thing worse is trying to conduct a brainstorm session via conference call.
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