06 Feb

Ex-Investment Fund Analyst Convicted in Insider-Trading Case

Ex-Investment Fund Analyst Convicted in Insider-Trading Case
A former investment fund analyst for Michael Dell’s personal investment firm has been convicted in New York City of insider-trading charges. The Manhattan federal court jury returned its verdict against John Afriyie on Monday. The one-time analyst at MSD …
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What Fueled Bank of America’s Trading Revenue?
Bank of America (BAC) reported an 11% yearly rise in its trading revenue in 3Q16. In 4Q16, it reported revenue of $ 1.9 billion from fixed income trading and $ 945 million from equities, implying a year-over-year (or YoY) rise of 20% in fixed income revenue …
Market Realist

Day Trading Stock Picks for Week of January 24
Day trading stock picks almost guaranteed to move big day during the week of January 24: $ SGYP $ AG $ CLF $ AKS $ CYH $ TWLO $ PIR $ X $ DYN $ CDE $ WFT I screen for day trading stocks with a recent history of volatility. That means these stocks are highly …

Stock Trading Terminology: After-Hours Trading
Most people trade during normal trading hours, which is 9:30a ET to 4:00p ET for the US markets. But, trading happens outside these hours and is known as the after-market session or extended trading. After-hours trading is done through electronic …
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