05 Feb

Does Your Trading Psychology Have A Dark Side?

Does Your Trading Psychology Have A Dark Side?
Having worked with highly skilled traders of financial markets at a variety of money management organizations, I’ve noticed one distinctive marker of success: the great traders leverage one or more great strengths in their personalities and in their …

Healthy returns for investors on Freshii’s first trading day on the TSX
TORONTO — With a market debut in the first month of the year, Freshii appears to capitalize on consumers’ freshly-minted New Year’s resolutions to allocate more of their funds to kale, quinoa and avocado. The Toronto-based company’s shares rose as …
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The Best Day-Trading Schools
One of the first things new traders look at when picking a day-trading school is the cost of the courses and mentorship. While cost is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the only factor. Most day traders will lose much of their account very quickly if …

Supreme Court sets tough insider trading rule
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court sought to crack down on insider trading Tuesday, ruling unanimously that tips passed between relatives and friends are illegal even if the corporate insider receives no financial benefit. The decision marked the first time …
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