15 Feb

DNC chair pick will set tone for party’s recovery

DNC chair pick will set tone for party’s recovery
When the Democrats pick their new national chairman later this month, the choice will send a signal about the party’s direction as it sets out to recover from the erosion that began even before Hillary Clinton lost the White House. If they choose Rep.
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Slowest economic recovery in decades, according to several indicators
CLEVELAND, Ohio — This has been the slowest recovery in more than 50 years, according to a recent analysis based on several economic indicators. “This has been a poor recovery in every regard,” said Christian E. Weller, a senior fellow at the Center for …
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The Best Hard Drive Recovery Services
Computers break and accidents happen. Although data can be backed up to the cloud and secondary devices, hard drive-related issues can result in data loss beyond what protection regular backups can offer. From computer crashes to human errors, hard drive …

Disaster Recovery: An Executive Priority
Imagine it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. Renovations on the first floor of a historic building in a major U.S. city are just resuming after the long weekend. Suddenly, a crash as the backhoe backs into a column, knocking it to the floor amid sparks …
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