09 Feb

Credit Management in SAP – I

Credit Management in SAP – I
Regardless of the type of business involved in, one factor which is most important to keep it running is cash. Most businesses are closed down because they become insolvent due to improper management of cash flows. Outstanding receivables or bad debts can …

Why Being a Woman Hurts Your Credit Score
When it comes to money, simply being female is a disadvantage. On top of receiving lower wages for equal work and less funding for new businesses, women tend to have worse credit scores. The average credit score for men is 630 out of a possible 850 …

Hudson’s Bay Company Announces Amendment to Increase Capacity of Asset-Based Revolving Credit Facility
TORONTO & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(all values in U.S. Dollars) – Hudson’s Bay Company (“HBC” or the “Company”) (TSX: HBC) is pleased to announce the closing of an amendment to its asset-based revolving credit facility (“Global ABL”) that …
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Credit Market Conditions and the Use of Bank Lines of Credit
Many credit line agreements contain restrictive covenants and other contingencies that may limit the ability of borrowers to draw on their lines, which is a particular concern to small firms. This Economic Letter reviews recent empirical studies that …
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You can repair your own credit report at little or no cost
You may have heard the advertisements – “Credit problems, no problem!” or “We can remove bankruptcies, liens and bad loans from your credit file.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests consumers do themselves a favor and save some money.
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