02 Apr

Business Lessons From Nikola Tesla’s Brilliant (If Spotty) Career

Business Lessons From Nikola Tesla’s Brilliant (If Spotty) Career
The original mad scientist would serve as inspiration for everyone from Elon Musk to Jack White. And though he was an awful businessperson, you can learn as much from his failures as you can his victories. Nikola Tesla has sparked so many of today’s …

Video: How Nikola Tesla Got JP Morgan’s Money To Buy His Long Island Laboratory
Nikola Tesla was a visionary who, in addition to inventing alternating current—the basis for modern day electricity—also imagined robots, radio, radar, remote control, transmitting messages and images wirelessly and much more. But he died alone at the …

Nikola Tesla documentary’s Carole Bourgeois talks about the Kickstarter project
Recently, I spoke with Carole Bourgeois, one of the filmmakers behind the Nikola Tesla documentary “Electricity: The Life Story of Nikola Tesla,” which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. She and director Wil Cashen are attempting to set the …
Death And Taxes

Energy Vampires: 10 Ways To Prevent Chronic Psychic Fatigue
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla At a sub-atomic level, all that exists in life is composed of vibrating atoms, or pure energy. Even incorporeal things such as our thoughts …
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