13 Mar

Boost visas for foreign entrepreneurs

Boost visas for foreign entrepreneurs
The United States has gained tremendously from foreign-born inventors. From Alexander Graham Bell, the Scot who invented the telephone, and Nikola Tesla, the Serbian who invented the laser and radio remote control, to Albert Einstein and the wave of …

Mural contest opens Rockport schools’ art show
Williams’ piece depicts Queen Elizabeth I, Leonardo Da Vinci, President Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lady Gaga. “I think they are people who made a positive change to the world,” he said Thursday during the opening …
Gloucester Daily Times

5 crazy inventions from the mind of Nikola Tesla
About 120 years ago at the 1893 World Fair in Chicago, Tesla demonstrated that you could wirelessly transmit electricity by firing up a series of phosphorous light bulbs in a process he called electrodynamic induction. He dreamed that such technology would …
The Week Magazine

Electricity sparks new exhibit at Smoky Hill Museum
This soon turned into a fierce competition between those favoring DC power, such as Edison, and those championing alternating current, which included inventor Nikola Tesla and entrepreneur George Westinghouse. Those promoting AC power pointed out that AC …
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