10 Feb

Average college degree pays off by age 34

Average college degree pays off by age 34
If you’re debating the value of your college degree, rest assured it will likely be worth the cost — eventually. It takes an average of 12 years to recoup the cost of getting your Bachelor’s degree, according to a new report from The College Board.
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No College Degree? Maybe You Can Still Be President
A point that my colleague Nate Cohn briefly mentioned in his article last week on Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin stirred a lively discussion among Upshot readers: Mr. Walker does not have a college degree. If he runs for president, he will be the first …

Top 14 Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree
While one’s earning potential increases with a college degree, you don’t necessarily need to spend $ 40,000 a year for a diploma for a job that pays as much. Jobs search site CareerCast.com released a list of 14 of the best jobs without a college degree.
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Alabama Football: New Pacific Pro League Will Hurt College Recruiting
How many first round picks have no interest in a degree or leave for the big leagues before completing one? How enticing is cash in hand to a kid with bills to pay? How many restrictions are placed on college athletes for practice and play time?
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KING: Police officers should be required to have a college degree
Today is Part 5 in a five-week, 25-part series exploring solutions for police brutality in America. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here. Part 3 can be found here. Part 4 can be found here. The problem of police brutality is actually …
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The Myth of the Four-Year College Degree
Another graduation ceremony has come and gone, and Chauncey Woodard is still a student at the University of Alabama. He came to UA in the spring of 2008 after some time in community college, expecting to spend, at most, four years at the school. After …
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What’s the value of a college degree?
The full study, “Hard Times: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal,” is available from the school’s website (link.reuters.com/wev87s). Anthony Carnevale, the center’s director, explains why students need to pay attention to their earnings potential …
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