02 Feb

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Use A Mortgage Broker

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Use A Mortgage Broker
Earlier this week Krystal Yee wrote an article on Moneyville about her experience using a mortgage broker to secure financing on her first home, and suggested anyone considering buying a home should try a mortgage broker to help them through the home …

Why I’m not paying off my mortgage
For a brief moment I felt the joy of clearing my mortgage early. Now I have some explaining to do: because I’m not going to pay it off after all. I have the opportunity. I own the full amount of my mortgage in cash and index trackers – split 50:50.

How Does Mortgage Interest Work?
When you buy a house, you’ll likely need to get approved for a mortgage loan from the bank. Depending on the time-frame of the mortgage, you will be paying it back for 15, 20 or 30 years — with interest of course! When I purchased my first home at the …

2014 Mortgage Restrictions
Oh where, oh where has the happy medium gone? After mortgage lenders spent years tossing mortgages to anyone with a pulse, now the rules have swung to the other extreme, preventing many who can afford homes from qualifying for a mortgage. The old system …
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The Best Mortgage Companies
The best mortgage companies are going to be able to get you a screaming deal, and also be available to help you close by a specific date — or give you advice on a Saturday morning. Our best overall, Quicken Loans, offered impressive customer service …
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