05 Feb

4 Core Life Insurance Tips

4 Core Life Insurance Tips
Buying life insurance for the first time can be overwhelming. You’ll run into a lot of terms that you may not understand at first. The good news is those terms are not very difficult to figure out once you do a little research. These tips are designed to …

Why Young Insurance Agents Are So Optimistic
It’s no secret that the insurance industry is facing a huge talent gap. Almost half of all insurance professionals are over age 45, with 25 percent of the industry expected to retire by 2018. That’s a concerning trend for the property/casualty industry …
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Gap insurance – do you need it?
Gap insurance, often flogged by pushy car salesmen, covers the difference between the amount you paid for your car and the amount an insurance company would give you if it was written off or stolen. This guide explains the basics of gap, or guaranteed …

Why Blockchain Could Enable a True P2P Insurance Model
Olivier Rikken is manager, public speaker and thought leader on digital disruption, blockchain and business process management at AXVECO, a boutique consultancy firm headquartered in Amsterdam. In this opinion article, Rikken discusses how the insurance …
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