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Learn How to Sing

Too many people who dream of singing give up because they fall for the myth that in order to be a singer, they must have natural ability. But singing can be learned, too.

Singing involves using the timbre and range your voice has to make music. If you can speak, then you can learn how to sing. There are two basic things you need to have in order to be successful with singing.

The first is you need to have knowledge of the mechanics of singing. The second thing is you need to know how to practice. Singing requires a great deal of practice – not only to learn, but to continually improve upon your abilities.

You need to know your voice type and the kind of music that’s best suited for your voice. You’ll also need to learn about posture and breathing techniques to help you sound your very best.

There are many genres of music and your voice will sound better in the genre that fits it. For example, while some people have a voice that’s well-suited for pop music, it doesn’t fare so well when trying to sing opera.

Types of Music You Can Sing

The music genre is filled with classes and sub-classes of different types – and it’s a very large list. Some of these classes of music are mixed with other classes of music to form a new sub-genre.

For example, under the heading of rock music, you have several sub-headings including hard rock, alternative, punk, grunge and traditional. These genres can be performed with or without any musical accompaniment.

Blues music has classic as well as contemporary. It also encompasses acoustic and electric blues.

Classical music is where you would find opera or choral music. This is also where you’d find orchestra music.

Under country music, there is contemporary, blue grass, country gospel, honky tonk and more.

Hip-hop and rap music can include alternative or hard-core music.

Pop music contains indie pop, teen pop, a mixture of pop and rock called pop/rock and contemporary.

Jazz has the sub-headings of contemporary or crossover. But it also contains ragtime and traditional jazz.

Under R & B and Soul music, you’ll find a mix such as funk, disco and Motown.

Reggae music has a mixed origin, and you’ll hear flavors of calypso along with rhythm and blues.